My Musts Of The Month: January 2020

Here are some of my favourite things from the first month of the new decade.

Netflix and Chillax:


This month’s Netflix recommendation is an underrated show called Alexa and Katie. The show – although aimed at teens – is a great Netflix Original that shows the importance of friendship through difficult times. The show is currently on its third season, but it’s super easy to catch up on, so get that binge-watching space ready and check it out.

Confusing Chocolates:


Choc on Choc create handmade, delicious chocolate treats in various forms, including stationary, sports balls, and other forms of food, such as sandwiches and even fish & chips! Choc on Choc create personalised gifts too so there’s something for everyone. These treats are almost too good to eat…I said almost!

Faux Sure:


I have recently fallen in love with all things faux leather. From trousers and leggings to skirts and jackets; I am obsessed with this fashion trend.

Miss Americana: 


The Netflix Original documentary on Taylor Swift came out today, and well, wow! Whether you’re a fan of the singer-songwriter or not, this is well worth a watch, as not only does it show her raw talent, but also takes a deep and honest look at the ups and downs of fame in this world.


Make sure to leave a comment if you have any recommendations for next month!

With Love, Abi X

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