My Musts Of The Month: April and May 2022

Better late than never (sorry!) but, as promised (via my previous post), here is the bumper edition of my Musts Of The Month:

This Is The End

Okay, fellow This Is Us fans, let’s cry together…! I’m just going to leave it at that.


As a vegetarian, it is so hard to find marshmallows that I can eat. But now, Free From Fellows has launched a vegan marshmallow range – yum! These mallows are also available in mini-sizes; perfect for hot chocolate!

Love Love Love

Taylor Swift released the first track of her 1989 album re-release. This Love (Taylor’s Version) puts an ethereal spin on the beautiful original version. Check it out here.

Inspiring Animation

Set in 1930s New York, this film is about Georgia, who dreams of being a fireman, but isn’t allowed as she is a woman. But does she give up? Obviously not! Instead she disguises herself as a man and joins a team of misfit firefighters to stop a mysterious arsonist. Think Mulan, but as a firefighter in America. I love this film!


Vous Worship – the band at Vous Church in Miami – has released a beautiful new single called Awestruck. The song speaks for itself, so I’m going to let it; check it out here.

I swear I’ll (try to) be on time next time!

With Love, Abi X

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