My Musts Of The Month: October 2021

Super Songstress

Adele dropped her long-awaited new single earlier this month. Easy On Me is a song dedicated to her son, and is the first single from her new album which is rumoured to be released next month.

Brilliant Book

What Page, Sir? is a non-fiction book written by Simon Pickering, highlighting his 20 plus years of being an English Literature teacher. I loved this book, as English Lit was my favourite subject in school, and this book brought back many memories. It is well-written and is also quite funny.

I am hosting a giveaway of this book; to find out more, check out my Instagram page: @The_Abi_Diaries .

Ed Equals Excellence

It’s been a big month in the world of music, with Ed Sheeran dropping his latest album. As always, the talented singer-songwriter doesn’t disappoint. My favourite song on the album is Visiting Hours. If you have a loved one in heaven, make sure to have a box of tissues on hand when listening to this song.


With Love, Abi X

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