My Musts Of The Month: September 2021

How are we already at the end of September?!

2021 has flown by!

However, there’s still plenty left to see, hear, do and taste. And here are some of my favourites from this month:

To Die For

Afterlife Of The Party – a Netflix original movie – sees Victoria Justice as Cassie, a party-lover who dies in a freak accident on the week of her birthday. She meets an angel who gives her a chance to right her wrongs, and help her loved ones through their grief. This film was better than I thought; a refreshing, funny and emotional film about living life well. And I’d give it bonus points for covering loss well too.


Superstore is not new, but I started watching it this month, so it’s new to me. Although I am only halfway through season one of the comedy, I am already hooked. I would highly recommend this show – available on Netflix – to fans of The Office. It’s set in a similar style but really comes into its own. I hope the rest of the seasons won’t let me down!

Palatably Plant-Based

Moving on from things to watch to things to eat now, and this month Wagamama takes the spotlight, thanks to its new and improved vegan menu. The Japanese giants have a great range of delicious dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans (more than any other mainstream restaurant I know). I would highly recommend the vegan chilli “squid” and my all-time favourite: the mixed mushroom and panko aubergine hirata steamed buns. YUM!

Hope you guys love these as much as I do!

Have a great October!

With Love, Abi X

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