My Musts Of The Month: August 2021


Herbal Essences have released a new range (maybe not that new, but it is to me, okay?) called Llamaste. The name and llama cartoon image on the labels alone were enough to make me smile, but the shampoo and conditioner range – complete with added argon oil – also smells great and makes your hair feel good too.

Bippity Boppity Books

A Box Of Stories is the perfect treat for all book-lovers. The company sends out boxes filled with amazing books. Over 70 million perfectly good books, that are left on shelves, are destroyed each year. A Box Of Stories saves these brand new books from being destroyed and introduces readers to splendid stories and amazing authors, that they may otherwise not know. You can also choose the type of box you want, i.e. fiction, YA, etc.

Use code “Abi2Off” for £2 off every order!

Play It Loud

Elevation Worship released It Might Get Loud earlier this month. This song turns me into a all-out rock-chick with the headbanging and jumping and screaming around the room 😂. A great song with great lyrics, and one of my all time favourites from this amazing group of singers and songwriters.

Which of these is your favourite? Comment below!

With Love, Abi X

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