My Musts Of The Month: May 2021

Better late than never! Here’s my round-up for the month of May:

Friends Forever

The long-awaited Friends reunion took place last week, and, as I’m sure my fellow Friends fans would agree, it was nothing short of perfection! Make sure to pivot on over to this blog post and this vlog post to find out fun facts that they don’t know you know! There’s no moo points, only awesome facts about an awesome show.

A Must-Read

Embraced is a beautiful book by best-selling author, Lysa TerKeurst. It features 100 days of great readings. Through hilarious anecdotes, deep and powerful stories, prayer prompts and Bible verses, readers will know what it truly means to be embraced in love.

Questions And Coffee

My podcast, 37 Questions And A Coffee With…Abi, is available on any streaming service that produces podcasts, including Spotify and Google Podcasts. Join me each month as I sit down with some great guests over a cup of coffee. Listen to fun, enjoyable, and sometimes deep, interviews featuring a whole host of talented people. What inspires artists to create? What advice should be given to people who want to study abroad? Are sweet snacks better than savoury? Is God reliable? (Woah…I told you it gets deep!) These questions and so much more will be covered in the podcast. Each episode will also be available on my Youtube page.

With Love, Abi X

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