Fun Facts About…Big Time Rush

How many people remember Big Time Rush?

Only the cool ones!

Before BTS, there was BTR. Before Kendall Jenner, there was Kendall Knight/Schmidt. Before One Direction, there was Big Time Rush.

For those that don’t know: Big Time Rush popped up on our screens (those of us that had Nickelodeon!) way back in 2008. The show, Big Time Rush, was a comedy about four teenage best friends from Minnesota who were discovered by a Simon-Cowell-like figure and made into a boyband. The show was a huge success thereby making Carlos, James, Kendall and Logan the next big boyband.

Big Time Rush did a number of tours and released numerous albums, during and after the show, before calling it a day in 2014.

Since BTR recently reunited for a one-off performance for their fans, and since I have been rewatching the series (which is back on Nickelodeon at 10pm, GMT), I thought it would be a perfect time to post these fun facts about the most fun boyband ever.

Fellow fans, be prepared to have your minds blow and your nostalgic hearts ignited…

*ah ah ah oh oh* 😉

1. Big Time Rush is one of the longest-running live-action series that Nickelodeon has ever produced with 74 episodes produced over 4 years.

2. All four boys – alongside most of their love interests – were 20 when the show began despite playing 16 year olds.

3. Logan and Kendall were friends before the show. Kendall was the hardest person to cast, and consequently the last role to be filled. The casting directors were at a blank, until Logan recommended Kendall, and the rest was history.

4. Although the BTR movie, Big Time Movie, takes place in London, none of the filming actually took place here. Instead, it was shot in various parts of the US.

5. Even though the movie wasn’t filmed in London, the band still played a sold out Shepherd’s Bush Empire as part of their world tour in 2011. Guess how much tickets were? £12.50!! Talk about a big time bargain!

6. One Direction actually opened for BTR back in 2012! Yup, crazy right? The 1D boys were even invited to the Big Time Movie premiere as special guests. How things change! 1D has made history and is still a household name, whilst only a few hundred people know of BTR…such a shame.

7. Every episode of the show has ‘Big Time’ incorporated in its title.

8. BTR’s Carlos Pena married Alexa Vega, who played Carmen in the Spy Kids movies. The two joined their surnames upon marriage, and both have the last name ‘PenaVega’. The cutest part? They met at a Bible study! Soon after they began dating, Alexa appeared on an episode of Big Time Rush playing herself.

9. Erin Sanders, who plays Camille on the show, may be best known for her role on Zoey 101. In both shows, her character ends up falling in love with someone named Logan!

10. Stephen Kramer Glickman, who plays Gustavo on the show, was actually only 30 years old in season one, making him just 10 years older than the boys of BTR. This truly surprised me as he looked like he was in his late 40s at least.

11. A number of big names have appeared on the show as themselves, including Alexa Vega, Jordin Sparks (who BTR released a song with), Russell Brand, Victoria Justice (who BTR also toured with), Miranda Cosgrove, Nicole Scherzinger, Snoop Dog (who BTR collaborated with) and many more.

12. Although the TV show wrapped up in 2013, and the band played their last concert in the following year, they remain close friends, and still refer to themselves as a group (Take note 1D!).

13. Both Big Time Rush the band, and Big Time Rush the TV show, have been nominated for, and won, numerous prestigious awards. Such awards include: MTV Breakthrough Band (won, 2011), Teen Choice Award for Choice Teen Group (nominated, 2013), and multiple Kids’ Choice Awards from across the globe.

14. Big Time Rush recently launched a new Instagram page. Bonus: many of the cast from the TV show often reunite with one another on Instagram Live.

15. Big Time Rush is one of my favourite teen-hood shows, consisting of some of the best cast and one-liners I’ve seen/heard, and I am so hoping for some new episodes or a movie soon.

With Love, Abi X

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