My Musts Of The Month: February 2021

Do You Know?

Elevation Rhythm released their latest single this month. The group, who wrote one of my new favourite songs – Walk on Water (recommended here: – dropped IYKTYK earlier this year. The catchy, upbeat new tune, an abbreviation of the popular saying, “If You Know Then You Know”, is about…well, go and check it out so you know 😉

New Car Song

Another song that you have to check out is Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License. I know this song came out in January, but better late than never! I have had it on repeat since the day it dropped. There are two versions to this song; one has swearing in the bridge, so beware. But this new kid on the block is definitely one to watch. The talented songwriter has been referred to as the next Taylor Swift, and I can certainly see why. Her vocals are as mind-blowing as her writing skills, and I look forward to her next track.

P.S. I recently did a cover of another one of her songs that you can find it right here.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Ode To Jewels is a new online jewellery company created by three fashion-loving sisters. Ode To Jewels celebrates jewellery in all its forms and all eccentricities. From minimal pieces to ones with artistic flair, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to check it out (especially with Mother’s Day coming up ;)).

With Love, Abi X

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