My Musts Of The Month: October 2020

I truly cannot believe we are already heading into November. This year just disappeared in a flash, and this month was no exception. But there have still been quite a number of good things to come out of it. This is a list of some of my favourite things to come out of October 2020.

Dancing Shoes On

Elevation Rhythm released a new single and music video this week. Walk on Water is a terrific tune about faith over fear. The music video is just as fun as the song, and if your dancing feels inadequate, there is a dance tutorial video to help you master the moves too.

Magical Movie

Onward is a sweet and emotional movie focuses on elf brothers Ian and Barley who go on a magical quest to try and spend one last day with their late father. The touching film came out early this year, and was released on Disney Plus this month. If you’re a Disney or Disney Channel fan, I would highly recommend Disney Plus too.

Nothing Is Impossible

I made my television debut on the BBC one gameshow, Impossible, this week 🙊. You can catch-up with my episodes (Series 7, episodes 6 to 10) on BBC iplayer now.

That’s all for this month.

With Love, Abi x

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