My Musts Of The Month: September 2020

Provoking Performance

Yes, I guess I am controversial, although I don’t see what’s controversial about a great piece of dance showcasing the truth. For those who don’t live in Britain (or who live under a rock in Britain :p), let me catch you up. Diversity is an amazingly-talented dance troupe who rose to fame when they won Britain’s Got Talent over a decade ago. This month, they performed during one of the semi-finals of the show – as they do almost every year – but received a staggering number of complaints for their performance about the pressing issue of racism, and related recent events. I, along with most of the country, thought the performance was thought-provoking, exceptional and very well put together. I literally gave them a standing ovation from my living room! Take a look at the fantastic performance right here: . For those who are still ignorant to the fact racism exists, just check out some of the comments on social media regarding this performance – shocking.

A Different Kind Of Mask

My second recommendation this month is far less controversial! Imbue Curls Haircare – specialising in products for curly hair (as the name suggests!) – have a range of pretty perfect products. My favourite is the hair mask. For my fellow females who can’t contain the frizz, I would definitely recommend purchasing this haircare hero. And if you missed my review of all the products in the Imbue range, make sure to have a skim through right here.

Good Watch Guaranteed

90s movie queen, Rachael Leigh Cook, stars alongside Damon Wayans Jr. in new movie, Love, Guaranteed. The Netflix original focuses on Susan (Cook), a lawyer who meets – and falls for (obviously!) – Nick (Wayans), a former baseball player, who hires her to sue a dating app which guarantees that every user will find love on the app. While it sounds cliché (it is), and a little predictable (it is), this film is also a very funny, sweet movie featuring great actors and a modern storyline perfectly reflecting what dating in 2020 is like.

As always, let me know what you think of this month’s round-up, and whether there are any great new films/albums/songs/TV shows/products etc., that I need to check out.

With Love, Abi X

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