My Musts Of The Month: August 2020

A Throwback

Screenshot_20200829-161048_Samsung Internet

This a huge throwback, but I’m featuring it in this month’s “musts” list as I only started watching this show  late last month. I know right? The Office (US) is absolutely hilarious, and one of the very few shows that make me actually laugh out loud. The first two or three episodes may make you wonder why it’s so popular, but by the end of the first season, you will wonder no more. It’s also a hugely binge-worthy show, that professional bingewatchers can probably complete in a couple of weeks. I find it weirdly cool seeing famous scenes that have inspired so many hilarious memes and giffs too!

A New Era

Screenshot_20200829-161237_Samsung InternetScreenshot_20200829-161304_Samsung Internet

Fans of the Step Up movie series, this one’s for you: Netflix has a couple of new competitors to add to the list of dance movie hits, in the shape of Work It and Feel The Beat. Both of  these movies feature Disney Channel alumni, but are perfect for young adults and adults too. The plots may seem a little cliche, but the soundtrack, script and talent make up for that. Feel The Beat is especially cute, and perfect for a family movie night.

A Vocal Acrobat

Screenshot_20200829-161115_Samsung Internet

The truly talented Tori Kelly has followed the likes of her fellow musical geniuses and released a brand new EP during lockdown. The 5-track EP, Solitude, features a range of anthems dedicated to a variety of topics, including love, loss and self-worth. My personal favourite track on the EP is Value, but all of this talented singer’s tunes – from all her albums – are well worth a listen.

With Love, Abi X

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