My Musts of the Month: March 2020

Unsurprisingly, March’s recommendations feature plenty of anti-bacterial goodness to give you peace of mind during this Covid 19 pandemic. Welcome to the germaphobe, hypochondriac club that I have been a part of most of my life…2bcfe5b56e10c14b0c2f6654ddbfb7de


Hearty Hands:


This hand gel, by sanitising experts Carex, smells as delicious as you’d imagine. Disclaimer for those who are picky like me: be aware that, although it is alcohol-based, it doesn’t promise to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. But don’t worry, there’s a whole host of Carex products that do that job.

Little Miss Clean:


This new range (again by my favourite cleanliness company, Carex) features all our favourite Little Miss and Mr characters. All the anti-bacterial handwashes smell incredible, and my personal favourites include the Tutti Frutti and the Sherbet Lemon washes.

But again, the disclaimer from above applies here too.



This book by acclaimed author, speaker and activist, Christine Caine, has a chapter to read each day. Brighten up every day of the lockdown with this book featuring anecdotes, positive messages and uplifting words. There’s a chapter for every day of the year.

Love is Blind:

download (2)

This addictive reality show follows a group of guys and girls who get engaged…without ever seeing each other; think Blind Date merged with Married at First Sight. Each episode of this Netflix Original ends with a cliffhanger making it all the more tempting to binge-watch. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds! (Rated 12).


With Love, Abi X

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