I have now been in the world for a quarter of a century…!


My last blog post consisted of  a list of things I wanted to do before reaching the grand old age of 25: “25 things to do before I turn 25” , so I thought I’d update you on how I did with that (spoiler alert: I didn’t do very well 🙈).

Make a meal from scratch – check! I was quite proud of this one. I made a red thai curry (wayyyy too spicy for my liking but my mum liked it) with rice and vegetables; yum!

Be on TV – done! I have filmed episodes for the BBC One gameshow ‘Impossible’; it will air on TV early next year 🙂


Try veganism for a week – done! And I can declare, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will never be doing this again. Why do you vegans put yourself through this? My tastebuds and my stomach where begging me to have dairy again. I missed out on milkshakes and cakes and cookie dough and ice cream and GOOD coffee. Plus, options in restaurants are super-limited; the whole thing is just hard and I personally do not see the point, being a vegetarian is enough for me. I did feel healthier overall, but the cons far outweigh the pros in my opinion. Thank you, next…


Put up AT LEAST one cover on Youtube – I did this at 11pm the night before my birthday. It was just a snippet of a song, but it still counts, okay?

Share one of my own songs – check! It was a photo on Instagram of my lyrics but it counts. I shared a song properly to my family a couple of days after my birthday anyway, so yes, it is a check.

Be spontaneous – I guess, yeah.

Learn to drive – done. I am eight lessons in now.

Learn a new skill  – I have been learning Spanish and I think I am pretty good at it, well at least that’s what my Duolingo app tells me. Bein Hecho me 🙂

Go to the gym and/or a workout class – So I was planning to do this with some friends….and then we ended up trampolining instead. This, in my defense, is a workout in itself. Plus, as one of my friends pointed out, I did Barry’s Bootcamp before I turned 25 (which you can read about here: I Tried Barry’s Bootcamp…Yes, Really. ), so this should count. Therefore, I will count this as a check too.


Do karaoke – yes, and how fun it was!!

Read/finish reading all the books on my bookshelf – this I did not manage to do. I still have a book and half of two other books left to read. But, I’m okay with that, as I would rather enjoy the books than rush through them.

Explore London  – Yup, check!

Go to the theatre – unfortunately I did not get round to doing this 😦

Eat at least one piece of fruit everyday – not quite. I definitely upped my fruit intake, but not one piece a day.

Following on from that, have my Five a Day everyday – I don’t think so; I’m still on two to three a day.

At least try and drink a few spoons of honey and lemon each day – literally did not do this, not even once, so this was the biggest fail.

Say ‘yes’ to everything for a whole day and see how it goes – nope. But to be honest, on a day-to-day basis, how many times are you even asked to do something that would be wild to say yes to anyway?

Finish watching Gossip Girl (I started watching this in like 2014 and I still haven’t even reached the last series. I also know who Gossip Girl is so… -__-) – nope, I have two episodes left. I binge-watched this over the last month, but I still didn’t manage to finish, how annoying! I will watch the last two episodes later this week.

Screenshot_20191125-161315_Samsung Internet

Write a short story – another easy one I did not manage to do. But whilst cleaning out my study room, I found a folder of some of my old short stories which was fun…it doesn’t count though…obviously.

Meet up and have lunch with someone who you wouldn’t usually; someone who could do with it – nope.

Perform a random act of anonymous kindness – I gave to Children in Need, but I do this every year, so I don’t know if it counts. But it does…right?

Not base my actions and decisions on the opinions of others. I always claim not to care but then I’m like “ooh what would he/she/they think/say?” And I know I shouldn’t. Time to practice what I preach…again – yes, I think I can check this off.

I had three more that I didn’t list – I did one of those three…

14 out of 25 ain’t bad, right…? :p

There’s always the rest of 2019 to tick the others off!

With Love, Abi X



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