Disney’s Broadway Hits: A Review


This review is a little late, but – like the show – it is worth the wait.

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting The Royal Albert Hall to see the return of Disney’s Broadway Hits. As a Disney super-fan and a HUGE fan of Broadway, I was super excited for this special event.

I arrived and was welcomed into a VIP box just above the stage – a bonus treat – where I was able to enjoy nibbles and drinks before the curtains opened and the BBC Concert Orchestra flooded the stage. As I enthusiastically ran to my seat, four singers (later introduced as Nala and Mufasa from West End’s The Lion King,  and Tarzan and Jane from Broadway’s Tarzan)  joined the Orchestra on stage and began singing Beauty and the Beast‘s Be Our Guest: a perfect welcoming song to begin the show.

This was followed by an array of songs from the movie, including the eponymous song of the film, as well as songs from The Lion King, Tarzan , and Mary Poppins (Supercalafragalisticexpealidocious was particularly great), as well as King David and Aida; two musicals I did not know existed but now want to see.

By the time the interval arrived, the whole atmosphere felt magical, and everyone was breathless (from either singing along or the pure beauty of the music and voices we had just heard).

After the interval, the show went on to produce songs from two of my personal favourite Disney classics: Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. This was followed by a couple of songs from another musical unknown to me entitled Newsies.

The spectactular evening ended – even though I didn’t want it to end – with the announcement that Frozen was coming to the West End. In celebration of this, the quartet closed off the show with the much-loved hit Let It Go.

Overall, the night was one I’ll never forget, and always treasure. It was A Whole New World with unbelievable sounds and indescribable feelings, and I truly wish I could be Part Of That World.

Disney’s Broadway Hits returns next year for another three days of magical shows, so make sure you don’t miss out.

With love, Abi X

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