God’s Got Your Back :)

“God…will be your rear guard” – Isaiah 52:12 

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

“Every moment of my life, God You’ve never left my side. Every valley, every storm You were there” – Moriah Peters.

The Bible tells us not to be afraid about 365 times. Yet, it seems to come so easily!

The Bible also tells us that God is your rear guard, and He goes before you too. He is literally all around us – how amazing! We don’t need to fear because He surrounds us. The fact that He is all around us means we are not exposed to the enemy. He is not only our guard but also our guide.

The fact that God is behind us doesn’t just mean He is protecting us, it also means that He has picked up the pieces of our past mistakes and failures. When our eyes are fixed on those past mistakes and hurts, we stop ourselves from moving forward. As Elsa sings: ‘The past is in the past‘, so leave it there.

God has a purpose for your life, one that requires you to leave all your fear and past hurts behind. Keep looking forward and remember: God’s got your back.

With Love, Abi X


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