Time flies like an arrow” – Unknown

I’ve been completely awful with keeping up with my blogging recently! Uni has taken over and just me being my lazy self as well #Facepalm.

So, I managed to do all ten things from my “10 things to do before I turn 21” list. And #NoFilter month was hard but achievable. Life is pretty without filters 🙂

I gave up social media and sweet things for Lent, which was pretty difficult to begin with, but by the end I was perfectly happy living without it. See? The things we think we can’t live without, we really can! Try it and you’ll be surprised. A social media detox is also such a great thing. I think everyone should do it.

So, that’s a rough summary of everything. I promise I will try and be more active with my blogging.

With Love, Abi X


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