Trip to the Dentist!

IMG_20151008_164322“I really enjoy going to the dentist. Said no one. Ever” – Unknown

So, yesterday I wrote about why and how to be fearless. Well, this was put to the test today when I had to go to the dentist today: Argh!!

I’m 21 next month but my parents still have to book dentist appointments for me and literally make me go.

As I sat next to my mum in the waiting room, I filled out forms whilst worrying about the pain I was about to endure. My fear of going to the dentist is definitely an irrational one as I have never had more than a standard polishing. I fidgeted in my seat, trying to convince myself there was nothing to worry about, when I heard my name being called. Anxiously, I stood up and followed the receptionist into the dentist’s room.

Although I gagged my way through it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Isn’t that always what happens? You psych yourself out, only to find it wasn’t half as bad as you convinced yourself it would be. We can be our own worst enemy.

My trip to the dentist didn’t end up with my first filling, a lot of blood and extreme pain, like I imagined. Instead, I ended up with healthier, shinier teeth and a McDonalds Chocolate Chip Frappe (which my mum promised she would buy me if I went to the dentist!).

Goes to show, there is no point worrying because it probably wont be that bad – whatever it is.

With Love, Abi X

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