That 4 letter word… (And it’s not the one you think)

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” – Old Japanese Proverb

“Your insecurities, they try to hold to you. But you know you’re made for more, so don’t be afraid to move. Your faith is all it takes” – Britt Nicole

“Be strong and courageous.Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you” – Deuteronomy 31:6

My family and most of my friends know how much I love music. Yes, everybody loves music, whether it be pop, rock, country or even folk music (What? Some people love folk music!). I mean, how can you not love music? I once read, “when words fail, music speaks“, and I couldn’t agree with this more. But, for me, music is so much more than just something to pass the time; music is all I want to do in life; singing is all I want to do in life, and I cannot imagine doing anything else. So, why haven’t I done it yet? Hmm, good question. The answer is simple. A four letter word we are all too familiar with. Fear. The little word that can ruin everything. We’ve all experienced it. It could be that person you never told how you felt about them, it could be that perfect job you missed out on because you were too afraid to try. It could even be that night you got no sleep because you thought you saw a spider on the ceiling and you convinced yourself it would end up in your bed with you!

But really, what are we so afraid of? Is it the fear of rejection? Maybe it’s the fear of failure? Or the fear of not achieving what we want? “Umm, how about all of the above?!” I hear you cry.

The Bible tells us not to fear a massive 365 times. It literally reminds us each day not to be afraid. I know I shouldn’t be afraid. Fear and self-doubting is such a waste of energy. But sometimes, it’s just easier said than done. However, recently, I have been trying to get over the fears that are preventing me from reaching my dreams, because, yes, I am a dreamer, and I love that, but I want to be a doer too. A couple of weeks ago, I even posted a YouTube video of myself singing – a big deal for me. And I am going to continue trying my best to be brave. Sometimes you really just need to take a leap of faith and hope you fly. And if you don’t, just pick yourself back up and keep trying until you learn to soar.

Live Fearlessly,

With Love, Abi X

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